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Why do you Need a
Food Delivery App?

Considering the extremely bad situation, people might be of the impression that restaurants have stopped their home delivery services. On the other hand, usual food delivery apps are working only for a few hours a day at elevated delivery rates. Now, here comes ‘app for those who would still looking forward to ordering food from restaurants at affordable rates when compared to regular big names in the online food delivery sector like GrubHub, DoorDash and UberEATS that are trying to cash in on the situation by charging the restaurants almost 30 percentage of the profit in turn compelling them to hike the prices.

View the menu

The option allows the customers to view the updated menu, which might only have the items that are bestsellers as well as are easy for the restaurant to prepare with limited supplies and staff.

Placing order

the customer will be allowed to place an order online and without calling up the service provider at any point

Card payment or COD available

The restaurants who have shown the gesture to feed people even in the dire situation have no hidden motives to exploit them and therefore the customers need not have to pay while making the order and can either choose between card or cash on Delivery as the payment option.

Track the order Status

The status of the delivery can be tracked so that you can be prepared at your door steps to pick up the parcel when the executive arrives.

Restaurant features

Uninterrupted and prompt services

Accepting orders without delay and prompt delivery will persuade more people to order online.

Menu management

The menu should include those dishes that can be executed by the chef easily and quickly and at the same time will also impress the customers.

Order management

every single order has to managed properly, which includes assigning delivery executives in a way none of the customers feel that their order got delayed. The executives near the area of service will be provided push notifications, which will help them to reach the location easily.

View sales report

After all business is all about gaining some profit and it can only be done if proper sales reports are reviewed. Incorporating flexibility according to the changing situations can form the most exciting feature of the app.

Technology And Solution Architecture

A robust enterprise grade technology stack used by our in-house app developers team to power your branded food delivery app and system

App Screens

Reinvent Your Business with Mobile App Development Services/Solutions

Have an idea? Want a customized solution for food delivery services? Whatever your requirements are – our experts and consultants are all ears.


The short and best answer would be "It's cost effective". Additionally you save time that requires developing a food delivery app from the scratch.

Of course. Our team helps you to grow your business and scale up the app as you grow.

They are native apps. They provide the best user experience in both Android and iOS phones.

No. You just need to be the expert in your business. We take care of the technical aspects while you watching your business growing.

Let's know what are your requirements and we will work to provide it to meet your business needs.

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